The reputation of a company and people, who stand behind it directly depends on the quality parameters of the produced materials. We have introduced a strict system of pellet quality control at our enterprise – from the raw materials delivery to the packaging process, which we presently adjust with the quality control system introduced in the European Union.

The owner of the property rights for the most authoritative quality control system of wood pellet is the European Association of Biomass (AEBIOM). This system has the name “EnPlus”. The immediate organization of the EnPlus certification system is incumbent upon the European Pellet Council (EPC), which is organized within the framework of AEBIOM.

The EnPlus requirements are based on the specifications of the European standard EN 14961-2. The European standard EN 14961-2 – is a quality standard which specifies requirements to wood pellet for non-industrial use. Within the limits of EN 14961-2, wood pellet is grouped into 3 classes: A1 (the highest quality class with ash ≤0,7%), A2 (ash ≤1,5%) and B (ash ≤3,0%).

Our Company – “Strobile Energy™” has received several certificates confirming the satisfaction of requirements of limits A1 of the standard EN 14961-2. The analyses were conducted in Germany by EUROFINS Umwelt Ost Gmbh and in the Czech Republic by Tuv Nord Czech, s.r.o, which are the official inspection bodies of the European Pellet Union.

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