Warehouse: Vijnitsa (Chernivtsi region, Ukraine), Veronella (Verona, Italy), Thessaloniki (Greece)

Silent Hill Wood Pellets, Pine Tree, 15 kg

• No bark!
• Raw material: Pine Tree – 100%
• Ashes 0,7%
• Calorific Value: 4,8 kWh/kg
• Water Content: 6,4%
• Quality class: A1 En 14961-2

Origin: Bukovina, The Carpathian mountains, Ukraine

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Description: Silent Hill Wood Pellets Pine

Bio Fuel Silent Hill Wood Pellets Pine Tree, 6mm, Pine Tree, 15 kg sacks

Bio Fuel Silent Hill Wood Pellets Pine Tree – is a carbon neutral renewable energy for the production of heat. It is used as a substitute of a natural gas. Produced at own production facilities of Strobile Energy. Above all, it is made of shavings of wood – pine tree – collected from the rests of other wood industries. As a matter of fact, wood pellets are used in special pellet stoves of different power. Moreover, it has no additives. 

Delivery: Silent Hill Wood Pellets Pine

Origin: Silent Hill Wood Pellets Pine

Zone: Polissia, Ukraine

The standard size of the pallet is 1.2 x 1.0 x 1.5 (the height is 1.50 m). There are 65 sacks on the standard pallet. One full truck consist of 22-23 pallets (1430-1495 sacks)

Content: shavings of pine tree – 100%

Quantity of Consumption: 1,5-2,0 sacks / per day / per 120 м2 / in frosty winter day with round-the-clock heating

Technical Card : Silent Hill Wood Pellets Pine

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Technical Card

Parameter:Product Value:limits of the class ENplus (A1 EN 14961-2, ISO 17225-2)
Diameter, D:6 mm6± 1 mm
Length, L:4 ≤ L ≤ 40 mm3,15 ≤ L ≤ 40 mm
Moisture, M:6,4% M ≤ 10,0%
Ashes, А:0,45-0,5%A ≤ 0,7%
Mechanical Durability, DU:98,6%DU ≥ 97,5%
Fines portion, F (≤ 3,15 мм):0,4%F ≤ 1,0%
Additives:absent≤ 2,0%
Bulk Density, BD:640 kg/m^3 BD ≥ 600 kg/m^3
Calorific value, Q:5,2-5,4 kWh/kg 4,5 ≤ Q ≤ 5,5 kWh/kg

Delivery and warehouse

Delivery: Virgin Wood Pellets Silver Fir

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Vizhnitsa (Chernivtsi oblast, Ukraine)
Google maps: Strobile Chornohuzy (Чорногузи), google maps point: , GPS:48°16’07.9″N 25°12’59.4″E ; zip code 59206, village Chornoguzy, Geroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni street, 71-b. Road from Chernivtsi to Vizhnitsa: moving along the main road, do not cross the railways. Pass the sign “Chornoguzy (Чорногузи), 3 km before big city Vizhnitsa, on your right – you will see a big board sign “STROBILE” – follow the arrow to get to the warehouse. Road from Ivano-Frankisk: Enter the Chernivtsi oblast through the bridge in the city of Vizhnitsa, turn left and on the cross road – again left. Move along the main road to Chernivtsi, do not cross the railways, pass the gas station “ANP” and a hotel. Go 3 km along the main road to Chernivtsi and find a big board on your left “STROBILE” – follow the arrow to get to the warehouse.    
Italy: Veronella (VR)
Google maps: Strobile Veronella, Via dell’Industria, 29, 37040 Veronella (VR), GPS: 45°20’03.0″N 11°20’24.2″E

Greece: Thessaloniki Sindos
Google maps: Strobile Echedoro, ORPHEE BEINOGLOU INT’L FWDRS S.A Η Βιπε Σινδου Οικοδομικο τετραγωνο 40 Σινδος 40°41’09.9″N 22°47’45.9, 570 22, Greece

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